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Frontier Launches the Nation’s Only Network-Wide 5 Gig Fiber Internet Service


Sets a new standard by bringing faster speeds to all its markets at the same time

Frontier (NASDAQ: FYBR):

TL;DR – The Byte-Size Download:

  • Happening: Today, Frontier (NASDAQ: FYBR) becomes the first major ISP to deliver network-wide 5 Gig fiber internet service.
  • Why It Matters: Digital inclusion is an important part of Frontier’s purpose of Building Gigabit America. With the launch of 5 Gig, Frontier will provide customers across its fiber network – not just select markets – the opportunity to sign up for the new premium service with blazing-fast speeds.
  • Get Stoked: “We set a standard with network-wide 2 Gig internet last year, and now we’ve done it again,” said John Harrobin, Frontier’s Executive Vice President of Consumer. “Our 5 Gig offer meets the growing demand for multi-gig speeds and delivers the ‘un-cable’ experience by making the fastest upload and download speeds available throughout our fiber network.”

The Details:

Frontier launched the nation’s only network-wide 5 Gig fiber internet service today. 5 Gig internet has 125x faster upload speeds, 5x faster download speeds and 2.5x less latency than cable.

After launching network-wide 2 Gig fiber internet service less than a year ago, Frontier is once again setting a new standard with its 5 Gig offer by providing customers in all its fiber markets access to the new premium service at the same time, with no phased rollouts.

What’s the offer?

The 5 Gig offer starts at $154.99 a month with autopay and includes uncapped data + Wi-Fi router + free installation + premium tech support.

Frontier’s customer-friendly pricing means the monthly price customers see is the price they pay for their internet service with no additional Wi-Fi or router fees. And with no data caps or overage charges, usage can be as unlimited as the internet itself.

What’s the deal with 5 Gig?

5 Gig fiber internet service enables customers to run multiple connected devices at their fastest possible speeds. This means:

  • Symmetrical download and upload speeds at up to 5 gigabits per second
  • 125x faster upload speed than cable
  • 1.6 seconds to download Adobe Photoshop on PC (1GB)
  • <36 seconds to download a House of Dragons episode in 4K (22 GB)
  • <2 minutes to download a 100-minute 8K movie (67 GB)
  • 99.9% network reliability

About Frontier

Frontier is a leading communications provider offering gigabit speeds to empower and connect millions of consumers and businesses in 25 states. It is building critical digital infrastructure across the country with its fiber-optic network and cloud-based solutions, enabling connections today and future proofing for tomorrow. Rallied around a single purpose, Building Gigabit America™, the company is focused on supporting a digital society, closing the digital divide, and working toward a more sustainable environment. Frontier is preparing today for a better tomorrow. Visit

Chrissy Murray
VP, Corporate Communications
+1 504-952-4225

Source: Frontier Communications Parent, Inc.

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