Going Green is dressed in Frontier Red!

Frontier Communications is committed to using resources wisely. That value translates into actions that are good for the earth and good for business. Frontier works to conserve energy, reduce waste, recycle, and "go Green". This reduces costs, improving financial performance, and is also better for our planet.

What this means:
  • Virtual meetings that reduce the greenhouse-gas emissions are standard practice.
  • Our Work-at-Home program gives qualified Call Center representatives flexibility and the ability to work from a home office, eliminating the emissions associated with a daily commute.
  • Mass Transit Flexible Spending Accounts are available to all employees and allow the use of pre-tax dollars to pay for bus, train, or other mass transportation, and encourages usage of shared transportation.
  • Electronic deposit is available to all employees and Form W-2s are disbursed electronically.
  • Online bills and bill pay is available to all customers, reducing paper use, eliminating the environmental impact of mail, preserving resources, reducing landfill waste, and controlling expenses. Usage of online continues to increase.
  • Frontier's light aerial bucket trucks use a 48 volt battery system and electric motor to power the aerial unit. This eliminates the need to run combustion engines while stopped to complete aerial repairs, thus eliminating associated emissions.