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Frontier Communications Introduces Frontier® Simply Wi-Fi Secure

Company Release - 2/25/2019 8:00 AM ET

Fully-Managed Solution Equips Small to Midsize Businesses with Customer and Network Data Analytics and Wi-Fi Network Security

NORWALK, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Frontier Communications Corporation (NASDAQ: FTR) announced the first in a stream of new managed B2B offerings with the launch of Frontier®Simply Wi-Fi Secure, a solution that provides small to midsized businesses with a secure, fully-managed wireless network and also offers real-time analytics on the customers and guests who connect to it. This valuable analytic data enables business owners to better understand customer behaviors and preferences, creating more opportunities for personalized customer experiences and targeted sales efforts to help accelerate business growth.

Frontier® Simply Wi-Fi Securefeatures cloud-managed Wi-Fi access points capable of handling dozens of connected devices over a 3,500 square feet area. Optional indoor cameras can provide advanced insight into customer foot traffic and physical security and can be viewed locally and through remote streaming.

Built on the premise of providing ease and simplicity to the business owner, Frontier® Simply Wi-Fi Secureis fully installed and configured by experienced Frontier technicians. To deliver greater peace of mind, the customer’s Wi-Fi network is remotely managed and monitored round-the-clock by Frontier’s Wi-Fi experts who can proactively spot and quickly remedy security or network connectivity issues before they impact the business.

“We are extremely excited about Frontier® Simply Wi-Fi Secure, our newest B2B solution that frees business owners and staff from the administrative burden of managing equipment and networks while ensuring their customers, guests and employees have access to a secure, reliable private internal Wi-Fi network,” said Daniel Peiretti, Senior Vice President of Commercial Product and Marketing for Frontier Communications. “Our team trimmed nearly a year off the typical development cycle to create the first in a stream of managed B2B solutions, offering business-grade performance, security, reliability and bandwidth management.”

With the growing demand for Wi-Fi availability from consumers on the go, Frontier® Simply Wi-Fi Secure is especially well-suited for restaurants, cafes and retails shops, professional and personal care service providers. Depending on the specific site requirement and expected usage, customers can select between Frontier® Simply Wi-Fi SecureLT (light traffic) or XT (extreme traffic).

With Frontier® Simply Wi-Fi Secure, businesses can enhance marketing efforts with the personalization of a branded Wi-Fi access splash page that can in turn, provide a full suite of valuable network and customer analytics. Accessible real-time via secure smartphone app, analytics such as customer visits, number of visitors, traffic patterns and dwell times can help businesses establish new contacts, enhance services or develop and launch new offerings. Security features include automatic blocking of suspicious sites and known malware URLs.

Peiretti added, “We want business owners to rest easy knowing Frontier® Simply Wi-Fi Secure is proactively optimizing the performance, security, and reliability of the network, and in turn, helping business owners focus more on connecting with their customers and ultimately, growing their bottom line.”

With no requirement for a long-term contract, Frontier® Simply Wi-Fi Securecustomers get the assurance of a two-year price guarantee and a lifetime replacement guarantee on solution components. Interested consumers can learn more at or speak with a Frontier business expert at 1-800-921-8102.

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