Frontier Communications

Corporate Governance

Our Board of Directors believes that the purpose of corporate governance is to ensure that we maximize stockholder value in a manner consistent with legal requirements and the highest standards of integrity. The Board has adopted and adheres to corporate governance practices which the Board and senior management believe promote this purpose, are sound and represent best practices. We continually review these governance practices, Delaware law (the state in which we are incorporated), the rules and listing standards of the NASDAQ Exchange and SEC regulations, as well as best practices suggested by recognized governance authorities.

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Our Code of Busines Conduct and Ethics reflects our commitment to maintain a culture of integrity, honesty and accountability when dealing with our business partners, our customers, our stockholders and each other. It is intended to help us focus on areas of ethical risk, recognize and deal with ethical issues, and to provide us with the resources and procedures. The code applies to all of Frontier's directors, officers and employees, including those at Frontier's subsidiaries and affiliates.

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